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SEO Tips from Around the Web

I came across some useful SEO posts this past week, so I decided to list them here. First of all if you are new to the whole search engine optimization game I recommend that you start with a post covering the basics, and you can find one below. Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

Daily Blog Tips (6 hours ago)

Storytelling Through the Category Page

When you think of storytelling in an online store, what comes to mind? Product page copy? Embedded video? Blogs? Look-books? Certainly not on the utilitarian category page… But I found a fantastic example of storytelling right in the category results page on, under its 13 Things feature. The page features several collections of “13 […]

Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog (9 hours ago)

Outdated SEO Concepts People Still Think are Reality

Posted by katemorris It's on the internet, so it's true. The bane of the existence of all search marketers is old or incorrect information given to clients at any point in time that they still hang on to. This post was inspired by an interaction with a client's co-workers, people that are not thinking about SEO on a regular basis. This is not to knock them, but to bring to the attention of everyone that there is a continual need for education . These concepts have a way of hanging around. And this isn'...

SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog (11 hours ago)

Twitter Releases Update To Tailored Audiences: New Audience List Upload, Audience Manager, And More by @mattsouthern

Twitter has announced their released an update to their tailored audiences retargeting tool that’s designed to make it even easier to create, manage and activate your tailored audiences on Twitter. The key features of this update include audience list upload capability, better audience management tools, new supported ID types for creating audiences — specifically, mobile advertising IDs and mobile phone numbers — and improved targeting options to help advertisers reach additional users similar to their exis...

Pronet Advertising (17 hours ago)

Facebook Launches New Page Highlighting Best Practices For Content Creators by @mattsouthern

Today, Facebook introduced a new subpage called Facebook Media that is designed to highlight great examples and new trends that illustrate how public figures, organizations and media companies are using Facebook to connect with their audiences. On this new page, located at, Facebook says they will share data, best practices and success studies to help other content creators increase their impact on Facebook. The Facebook Media page is divided up into four key sections focused on common goals sh...

Pronet Advertising (17 hours ago)

Surviving #Pubcon Vegas 2014: An eBook from Search Engine Journal by @dantosz

On October 6-9, thousands of marketers will converge on Las Vegas for four days of learning, networking, and socializing. With so many amazing keynotes (five in total!), as well as dozens of sessions covering everything from the state of SEO to how to leverage video, this year’s Pubcon is set to be one fantastic event, thanks to founder Brett Tabke’s talented team. We. Can’t. Wait. However, we also know attending conferences can be stressful. What to wear, how to get there, where do I go now? It can be over...

Pronet Advertising (20 hours ago)

37 Point Checklist: How to Create Content That Will Increase Your Traffic by Tomorrow Morning

Have you ever wondered if the content you are writing sucks? If no one likes your content, you won’t get any social shares, linkbacks, or traffic. Whether you write content for B2B or B2C sites, there is an art to content creation. Follow the tips below, and you’ll increase the likelihood of your content being shared, which  [click to continue...]

Quick Sprout (20 hours ago)

Are You Dialed-in to Telecommuting?

Communications technology is making the notion of working from home or other remote locations commonplace in today’s business world. If your business and its employees are missing out on the convenience of telecommuting, then it’s time to give the “work from anywhere” approach a shot. To give you a better idea of how the telecommunications atmosphere works, here are just a few advantages of going the telecommuting route with your business: Keeping up with the Trend Businesses all acr...

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog (21 hours ago)

How To Turn A Product Description Into Great Product Story by @hirenponkia

“Describe your product. They’ll buy.”– that is about as likely as whistling and expecting a dinosaur to come out of the woods, longing for a pat on its head. Dinosaurs won’t come tumbling out, and it’s about that hard to woo customers. You’d need to sell your products — but everything you know about selling needs to wait. On the web, something else takes precedence: It’s called “connect”. As Mark Macdonald of suggests, start by finding your buyer persona. Figure out what makes them tick. What ar...

Pronet Advertising (23 hours ago)

20 Ways to Make Your Content More Shareable by @DholakiyaPratik

Everything that can be said has been said before. Now, we need to find new ways of saying it. And that’s exactly what this post aims to help you with. I’m not going to tell you to dig up some awesome story or fact that hasn’t been shared. In fact, I suggest the opposite. Embrace the fact that you’re writing things other people are sharing. Just make it sound cooler. Write it better. Put a spin on it. Strike a chord. Produce some new research. When it comes down to it you have two choices: Talk about a new t...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

How to Make B2B Marketing Stories Bigger With Social Media Microcontent

Storytelling is a fundamentally human experience. We love to tell stories, ranging from whimsical fantasy to tense political thrillers. Some psychologists believe storytelling is actually necessary for human survival — we are hard-wired to respond to compelling narratives. Storytelling is frequently cited as a best practice for content marketers, but what happens when your publishing [...]

Online Marketing Blog (1 day ago)

23 Interesting Twitter Redesign Concepts

As one of the top social media networks in the world, Twitter's design has to appeal to millions of users from multiple cultures, languages, and regions. So far, its design has worked well,... Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog.

Vandelay Design Blog (1 day ago)

Ways to Proactively Welcome Women Into Online Marketing

Posted by EricaMcGillivray A lot of my life's work has been focused on increasing the visibility of women and other minorities in male-dominated professional fields. I'm not here to give you an intersectional Feminism 101 lesson or explain to you that institutional sexism is indeed alive and systemically present in online marketing. Instead, in the spirit of the Moz blog, I want to give you tips and tricks to make our corner of the world more welcoming to women. Several of these tips can also easily be...

SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog (1 day ago)

5 Profitable Ways to Build Links to E-Commerce Websites by @venchito14

There had been much discussion on whether or not link building should be given importance in the coming years. Repetitive questions have been asked on forums and Q&A sites if SEOs should stop building links for their websites. My answer for those questions is complex. Yes and no. Yes, because links are still valuable in the eyes of Google. The search engine giant uses it as a big factor in their search algorithm to determine the relevancy and authority of a website. No, because we’re not only building links...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

Facebook Makes It Easier To Delete Unwanted Apps by @mattsouthern

Facebook has recently updated its app settings page to make it easier for users to get rid of apps they longer want or have any use for. A new tweak to Facebook’s setting screen, which was noticed by the blog Inside Facebook, can easily show you which third-party apps have access to your Facebook friends list and other sensitive information. One of the more negative or positive aspects of Facebook, depending on how you look at it, is how easily it can connect you with third-party apps and games. Facebook ma...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

Google May Use What’s On TV As A Ranking Signal, According To New Patent by @mattsouthern

Bill Slawski at SEO By The Sea broke the news this morning that Google has been granted a patent that appears to show they’re working on a method to use information about what’s airing on TV in your area as a ranking signal. The patent says Google may assess what’s on TV in your local area and look for related queries. For example, if someone searches for “Doctor Who” and a new episode of Doctor Who is about to air in your local area, that’s a signal that may influence the search results you receive. Here’s...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

Client Education and Post-Launch Success

What our clients do with their websites is just as important as the websites themselves. We may pride ourselves on building a great product, but it’s ultimately up to the client to see it succeed or fail. Even the best website can become neglected, underused, or messy without a little education and training. Too often, my company used to create amazing tools for clients and then send them out into the world without enough guidance. We’d watch our sites slowly become stale, and we’d see our strategic content...

A List Apart: for people who make websites (1 day ago)

CSS Audits: Taking Stock of Your Code

Most people aren’t excited at the prospect of auditing code, but it’s become one of my favorite types of projects. A CSS audit is really detective work. You start with a site’s code and dig deeper: you look at how many stylesheets are being called, how that affects site performance, and how the CSS itself is written. Your goal is to look for ways to improve on what’s there—to sleuth out fixes to make your codebase better and your site faster. I’ll share tips on how to approach your own audit, along wi...

A List Apart: for people who make websites (1 day ago)

Good, Better or Best?

By Lisa D. Jenkins How do you invite customer feedback on the products or service you offer? Whether it’s through an online form, a digital survey or a personal conversation, the way you frame the request for feedback can affect the way your customer answers you — and the quality of the feedback you receive. A story about food … and feedback. It’s no secret I’m a foodie. I’m always on the lookout for new experiences with food and drink, so when I noticed a relatively new restaurant had opened up near my nei...

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog (1 day ago)

Slide Decks Beginner’s Guide: 10 Actionable SlideShare Tips for Maximum Results by @kevanlee

Is SlideShare part of your content strategy? Truth be told, we have yet to fully integrate it into our content creation process here at Buffer. We’ve felt lots of great nudges, though. We’ve heard tell of the amazing opportunity on SlideShare, how it’s a primed network of highly engaged influencers just itching to find and share your stuff. What might ultimately sell us, though, is the response we got from a single slide deck, created in a hurry, that garnered over 5,000 views in one weekend. It would appea...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

10 Best Practices for Mobile Optimized Websites by @Rocco_Zebra_Adv

Smartphone users worldwide will total 1.75 billion in 2014. This means having a mobile optimized website is fundamental in maximizing your marketing budget. It is a mistake to simply create a mobile version of your existing website. Instead, create a website customized to the behavior of mobile users, independent from your desktop site. Here are 10 must-haves on your brand new mobile website: 10. A Search Box Mobile devices are smaller and, as you can imagine, navigating a website on a small device is not e...

Pronet Advertising (2 days ago)

Live Google Hangout: Using Google Analytics to build a better gaming app

Inside AdSense (2 days ago)

Breaking Bag: Reinventing the Ecommerce Experience

This was Amazon’s home page in 1995. By ’98, it had adopted the “catalog” look: The ubiquitous format for most online shops today, one that few have veered from. The Web has changed since ’98 Clearly the Web has changed even more dramatically from 1998 to 2014. It’s accessed by many different mobile “pieces of […]

Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog (2 days ago)

16 Effective Blog Commenting Best Practices

Like the principles of entrepreneurship... what worked in the 1800s for Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, James J. Hill and the Rockefeller are still the fundamentals principles of today's entrepreneur. Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

Daily Blog Tips (2 days ago)

A Writer’s Guide: Calls to Action – Tips Inspired by Tweets from Content Marketing World

Note from Lee: Please welcome Andy Thomson from TopRank in his first post to Online Marketing Blog: In managing the content marketing for a brand, you have to focus on the bottom line. You have to push sales to help you reach growth goals for the business. But in reality, most people who encounter your brand [...]

Online Marketing Blog (2 days ago)

How to Combine Screaming Frog Data with Google Analytics Data

Posted by Iamoldskool This post was originally in YouMoz , and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value and interest to our community. The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Moz, Inc. I love Screaming Frog. It is without doubt the best SEO tool I use on a daily basis (no offense, Moz). The sheer amount of data you can get about your website, or someone else's website, is incredible. You can find broken links, you can check for your Google Analyti...

SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog (2 days ago)

How to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems for online retailers. It’s also something that we are all guilty of — we visit a site and find something we like, we start filling out the order form and then when it’s time to put in our credit card we end up leaving the site all together. This can happen for a variety of reasons: distractions loss of interaction change of heart looking for coupon code No matter the reason why people fill out only a portion of their information and ...

Blogging Tips (2 days ago)

Four Ways to Crush Your Email Challenge and Build the List

This is a guest contribution from Luke Guy. I support building your email list more than any other thing. It’s the building block to any platform-building. You should be collecting emails before you even build the blog or write the book. I Wish I did it this way to begin with. Why? Collecting emails has [...] Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger Four Ways to Crush Your Email Challenge and Build the List

ProBlogger Blog Tips (2 days ago)

One Insanely Actionable Content Marketing Strategy That Will Generate You 74% More Search Traffic

Are you tired of your competition outranking you? Or even worse, seeing them rank for keywords that you don't even show up for? In this post, I will teach you, step by step, how to identify keywords your competition is ranking for and how to create content that will outrank them. This approach is so effective that  [click to continue...]

Quick Sprout (2 days ago)

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content – Interview with Ann Handley

The bell has rung and class is in session. The topic? Creating content. In particular, ridiculously good content. Your professor for this essential business skill is none other than Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, the largest marketing community on the web. During the incredibly busy week that was Content Marketing World, Ann took the time to exceed [...]

Online Marketing Blog (2 days ago)


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