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Hurdle vs. Hurtle

The following quotation is from a site devoted to business English. The blogger is explaining the expression “to give a heads-up.” Want a Free Copy of the "100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid" eBook? Click here to try the Pro subscription and you'll be able to download it immediately!

Daily Writing Tips (6 hours ago)

How PornHub Is Bringing its A-Game (SFW)

Posted by malditojavi This post was originally in YouMoz , and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value and interest to our community. The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Moz, Inc. Editor's note: While the images in this post are free of graphic content, there are many suggestive references to potentially objectionable material. It has come to my attention how PornHub is marketing itself. It is one of the biggest pornographic websites, and&nbs...

SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog (11 hours ago)

Foursquare Goes All In With Personalized Local Search by @mattsouthern

Today, Foursquare unveiled a new look, new logo, and most importantly they announced a new feature that will be a core focus of their business going forward – personalized local search. Local search, as we know it today, doesn’t “get” its users, Foursquare contends. With that being the case, we all get similar results when conducting a local search in our area. Fourquare asks: “Why should two very different people get the same recommendations when they visit Paris? Or the same list of places when they’re lo...

Pronet Advertising (15 hours ago)

Three Ways to Outperform Your Online Competition

This is a guest contribution from Emma Henry of True Target Marketing. There’s no denying that plenty of us are trying to make a living on the internet. The good news is that it’s still early days when it comes to building a successful online business. In reality, very few businesses know how to effectively [...] Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger Three Ways to Outperform Your Online Competition

ProBlogger Blog Tips (17 hours ago)

New Facebook Ad Targeting Lets You Target Users By Device by @mattsouthern

Facebook announced an update to their ad targeting options that will let you reach people on specific mobile device models In order to get high quality installs or engagement within an app, it is very important to reach the right people with the most relevant message. As a result, we are enhancing our mobile targeting for developers. Facebook’s enhancements to mobile targeting will be rolling out in the next few days. When the new feature becomes available, you will be able to deliver ads to people  using a...

Pronet Advertising (18 hours ago)

Our Themes Don’t Have Sliders, Because Sliders Suck by @tdevalk

Last Tuesday we released our first three themes, and this will be the first post in a series that will explain what themes should and should not have. These posts will also explain why we made certain choices regarding our themes. With the release came a storm of reactions, some downright negative, but most of them (luckily) very positive! Some of the negative replies that struck us most were the replies that said they would’ve expected sliders, or even worse, thought the themes were “outdated” because they...

Pronet Advertising (18 hours ago)

7 Content Marketing Lessons Learned from Losing 225,418 Visitors a Month

During its peak, the KISSmetrics blog received 768,766 visitors a month and was growing at a rapid pace. Can you guess what our monthly traffic is now? We get 543,348 visitors, which means our traffic is down by a whopping 225,418 visitors. Some of the traffic drop is intentional, but some of it isn’t. Here is  [click to continue...]

Quick Sprout (19 hours ago)

Overcoming Big Data Skills Concerns

Big data analytics has been proven to be highly beneficial for businesses, allowing them to extract optimal value from their data and make better-informed decisions. As more and more businesses are adopting big data analytics, it is becoming increasingly necessary to make big data a part of your business strategy. However, it is not easy to implement a big data solution, because there is a significant shortage of big data skills. Then again, if you use the right hiring strategies, you may be able to recruit...

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog (19 hours ago)

How to Build Relationship With Your Subscribers Using AutoResponder

Let me guess. You get a small amount of traffic and you’re working hard to bring additional 10 or 20 visitors each day. And you’re not making enough income from your blog. Do you know how many subscribers you need to build 6-figure business? People think that they need a huge number of subscribers like 100,000 subscribers. But you actually don’t need 100,000 subscribers, nor even 10,000 subscribers. If you’ve a list of 1000-2000 subscribers, you’ll be able to make even more tha...

Blogging Tips (20 hours ago)

What Marketers at Dell, IBM, Optum, General Mills and Bank of America Think About the Future of Search Marketing

As the search marketing industry continues to feel the sting of Google narrowing down what passes as acceptable search marketing practices, more practitioners find themselves having to defend the channel. This is more true with SEO than Search Advertising, but for many, search marketing isn’t exactly the poster child it once was. But that’s not [...]

Online Marketing Blog (21 hours ago)

10 Visually-Appealing Business WordPress Themes by @albertcostill

For over a decade WordPress has proven to be one of the most popular and reliable platforms for blogging. But did you know WordPress can also be used for constructing professional websites for the corporate world? Because WordPress is such a powerful content management system, it comes as no surprise that businesses and CMS websites have turned to WordPress as a way to showcase their products and services. But, can you utilize any WordPress theme to promote your business online? While you could any of the m...

Pronet Advertising (21 hours ago)

Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps

Håkon Wium Lie is the father of CSS, the CTO of Opera, and a pioneer advocate for web standards. Earlier this year, we published his blog post, “ CSS Regions Considered Harmful .” When Håkon speaks, whether we always agree or not, we listen. Today, Håkon introduces CSS Figures and argues their case. Tablets and mobile devices require us to rethink web design. Moused scrollbars will be replaced by paged gestures, and figures will float in multi-column layouts. Can this be expressed in CSS? Paged designs, flo...

A List Apart: for people who make websites (21 hours ago)

5 Fantastic WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile Responsive by @hirenponkia

WordPress takes center stage as one of the most manageable, accessible, and easy to use CMS solutions. It can become the front for a corporate website, a blog, a magazine, or turn into an e-commerce store. With tons of themes, extensive support, and useful plugins, it’s hard to beat WordPress’s appeal. According to Tom Ewer, who wrote a post about statistics about WordPress usage on ManageWP blog, more than 48 percent of Technorati’s Top 100 blogs and over 74.6 million sites total (and growing) are managed ...

Pronet Advertising (23 hours ago)

API-liate Ecommerce

Much of the cool, new ways ecommerce sites mesh with social and mobile is thanks to APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces which allow applications to communicate with each other, share data and perform various functions. For example, pulling Pinterest data to create new merchandising sections on your website or mobile app. (If you need a […]

Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog (1 day ago)

Revisiting Wether, Incidence and Different Than

In researching the recent song lyrics post, I came across a comment written by a high school sophomore. (For the information of non-American readers, a high school sophomore is 15 or 16 years of age.) Want a Free Copy of the "100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid" eBook? Click here to try the Pro subscription and you'll be able to download it immediately!

Daily Writing Tips (1 day ago)

Dear Google, Links from YouMoz Don't Violate Your Quality Guidelines

Posted by randfish Recently, Moz contributor  Scott Wyden , a photographer in New Jersey, received a warning in his Google Webmaster Tools about some links that violated Google's Quality Guidelines. Many, many site owners have received warnings like this, and while some are helpful hints, many (like Scott's) include sites and links that clearly do not violate the guidelines Google's published. Here's a screenshot of Scott's reconsideration request: (note that the red text was added by Scott as a remind...

SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog (1 day ago)

LinkedIn Experiments With Location-Based Features To Connect Nearby Professionals by @mattsouthern

VentureBeat reports that LinkedIn is experimenting with location-based features similar to those offered Foursquare. This information comes courtesy of LinkedIn designers Mauroof Ahmed and Moses Ting and first reported by VentureBeat. LinkedIn’s latest experiment comes at a time when the company is actively trying to boost engagement amongst its users. LinkedIn has made other comparable moves lately, including the introduction of redesigned Web profiles, and the launch of LinkedIn’s new Connected app. Ahmed...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

How Social Media Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

This is a guest contribution from digital media project manager Sandeep Sharma. Now more than ever, marketing experts are improving their marketing strategy with fewer resources, and they are shifting marketing budgets from traditional to digital tactics like search engine optimization and social media. Companies, too often, omit their social media marketing strategy from their SEO [...] Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger How Social Media Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

ProBlogger Blog Tips (1 day ago)

Google Glass: Segway for Your Face? by @albertcostill

Do you remember when the Segway was first released way back in 2001? It generated a lot of buzz from heavyweights like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, the media, and the general public. And why not? It is an easy to operate two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle. In short, it was an achievement inventor Dean Kamen declared “will be to the car what the car was to the horse and buggy” in an interview with Time. However, there were obviously concerns over the public’s safety, along with the $...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

Google Plus vs. Facebook: Weighing up the Pros and Cons [Guest Post]

This is a guest post from Jon Mowat. Whether you’re building a business or promoting your blog, it’s difficult to ignore the huge influence social media can have. Facebook is still the most popular social network by far, but it may surprise you to find out that it’s not Twitter but Google Plus that comes […] Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

Daily Blog Tips (1 day ago)

5 Data-Driven Ways to Get Your Facebook Post Seen by Your Audience

If you’ve been struggling with Facebook lately for your brand page, don’t think you’re alone. Between changes to the layout of brand pages, News Feed algorithm adjustments, and countless other tweaks and changes, marketers are constantly on their toes anticipating what’s coming next. A current issue that many are facing is the decline of a post’s organic reach. Marketers have had their organic reach cut by more than half with their Page’s published posts. This change is caused by a deeper underlying issue—t...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

How to Create and Promote Link Wheel?

Keyword stuffing and sales optimized business pages do not work anymore. Google has become clever; hence, ever since the beginning of 2011, the continued Panda updates have caused many established online business owners to lose their SERP positions and thus, their businesses have suffered a lot. What Google considers as most valuable these days are the quality of links – what kind of blogs and websites link to your site? Moreover, it also checks the traffic inflow and the traffic sources. Getting your websi...

Blogging Tips (1 day ago)

How to Do Link Building at Offline Events by @linkbuildingjon

As link builders, we can get a bit “stuck in our ways”. Sometimes we focus too much on the technical aspects of building links and forget that link building should be a creative endeavor. By allowing ourselves to be creative we begin to realize there are numerous way to build links through a multitude of channels. One such channel is offline, in the “real” world. Although links exist online, it doesn’t mean we can’t utilize offline strategies to build links. One of the best ways to build links offline is th...

Pronet Advertising (1 day ago)

Twitter and Facebook Commerce: Will It Blend?

Last week was a hot one, with Twitter announcing its acquisition of cross-channel promotions startup CardSpring, and Facebook testing a “Buy” button, joining Twitter who launched the same feature last month. The CardSpring deal is just a deal for now – no indication of when or how this might be rolled into Twitter. There’s speculation […]

Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog (2 days ago)


Back-formation is one of several methods by which new words are added to the language. An often-quoted example is the word pea . Before pea was created by back-formation, English had the singular noun pease . Here are two examples of its early use from the OED, (some spellings altered). Want a Free Copy of the "100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid" eBook? Click here to try the Pro subscription and you'll be able to download it immediately!

Daily Writing Tips (2 days ago)

Twitter Is Making Direct Messaging More Private And User Friendly by @mattsouthern

Twitter announced on Friday that changes are coming to their direct messages are sent and stored across the network. Twitter’s support account made the announcement via a Tweet that emphasized the upgrade would make deleting DMs more consistent: Over the next few weeks, we're rolling out an update that makes deleting DMs more consistent across web and mobile. — Twitter Support (@Support) July 18, 2014 This may not sound like a major updates, but it actually solves a huge problem with ...

Pronet Advertising (2 days ago)

The Broken Art of Company Blogging (and the Ignored Metric that Could Save Us All)

Posted by evolvingSEO The perception of success The following screenshot is from an actual blog post. Based upon what you see here, would you call it successful? I think it depends on perception. The optimist might see this: 590 LinkedIn Shares (This also might be what you put in reports to your boss) :) The Twitter and Facebook manager might see this: 70 Tweets and 21 Likes I see this: Zero comments Same blog post; three different measures of success. One looks great, one...

SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog (2 days ago)

How I Earned $15000 from The Problogger Job Board

This is a guest contribution from Andy Nathan, of Smart at the Start. I have a secret formula for using the Problogger job board that will enthrall many, and bring others to tears with their boredom. That is OK! I do not want everyone to use what I am about to explain below, because that [...] Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger How I Earned $15000 from The Problogger Job Board

ProBlogger Blog Tips (2 days ago)

Learn, Network, Create – Upcoming Digital Marketing and PR Conferences in 2014

Continuous learning is the key to stay ahead in the digital marketing and PR world. Besides learning from your own experiments, connecting with other industry subject matter experts and peers can be a great way to expand your knowledge network. You ARE building a knowledge network, right? Events are a big part of how I [...]

Online Marketing Blog (2 days ago)

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Marketing Consultant

I started out in my career as a marketing consultant, and I was so good at driving traffic to websites that I was able to grow my agency to millions of dollars a year in revenue. To this day, even though I’m a software entrepreneur, I still get bombarded with offers to be a marketing consultant  [click to continue...]

Quick Sprout (2 days ago)


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